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Monodose sachets and containers

A history formed from ideas and hard work

Following important professional experience at Tetrapak and IMA, Giordano Magnoni decided to experiment with new types of monodose packs. The year was 1984.
His interest ranged through monodose packs into larger capacity containers.
His research developed towards the creation of “original”, personalizeable single dose packs formats, capable of ensuring optimum shelf life for products.
Not just a quality monodose packs but also high quality preservation.

The road to quality
Over recent years Italpak have actively strived towards improved quality:
the aim is always to provide ever increasing guarantees of the wholesomeness of the products packed by us.

When ideas become patents

Some original ideas took shape in the form of Brovit®, an "evergreen" monodose packs ahead of its times with its self closing® characteristic and the recyclable materials comprising the polylaminate. It immediately caught the eye of numerous major Italian and foreign brands in both the cosmetics and food sectors.

From the magic of paper based materials Jordy pak® was born, a genuine paper bottle with reclosable cap.

Giordano Magnoni took on another big challenge in the monodose packs field: the creation of a multiuse monodose pack, so that a product can be drunk using a convenient straw or frozen and consumed as a fully fledged ice-lolly, giving rise to Duo®.

The softness of the materials and shapes of Duo® offer great freedom of interpretation: it becomes a single dose pack for sportsmen with a practical spout, transforms into a "compact" for microwaving sauces, slims down for the preparation of concentrates, or doubles in volume to satisfy those with a powerful thirst.

A practical single dose packs can become a significant help in everyday life,
thanks also to its lightness. The monodose packs designed for Oneglass has a major ambition,
that of standing alongside glass to become an important single dose packs for wine.

The machine that is capable of achieving this, as with the Duo®,
was born out of collaboration with Volpak, world leaders in the packaging machine sector.

Talking of Italpak
Important specialized periodicals have talked about Italpak single dose packs.
For years our packs have not gone unnoticed at the most renowned packaging
trade fairs, and our customers have even more to say about our goods:
the list of those who chose our products is long and significant.

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